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mem06 Victoria Scott

Victoria Scott tells how her involvement in the London AA Committee changed her life – and how she told Nelson Mandela about it in 2004.

msc35. Angola Mozambique Guiné-Bissau – Solidariedade

Postcard sold to raise funds for the liberation movements in the Portuguese-occupied territories of Angola, Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau. The colonies won their independence in 1975.

South Africa’s Illegal and Covert Activities in the UK

For three decades the apartheid government sponsored undercover activities to subvert anti-apartheid action within the UK. Its illegal activity included a bomb attack on the ANC’s London headquarters, and arson and break-ins at the AAM, ANC and SWAPO offices. It tried to infiltrate anti-apartheid organisations and spread misinformation about their campaigns. South African embassy officials were also implicated in illegal arms deals. In 1997 these activities were documented in evidence submitted to the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission by Lord Hughes of Woodside on behalf of the AAM Archives Committee. [NB Appendices 3–7 are missing from this document]

tsh35. ‘Now is the time to build the new South Africa’

After the date had been agreed for South Africa’s first one person one vote election on 27 April 1994 the AAM looked forward to the future. It asked its supporters to help build a new South Africa free from racial division and gross inequality. This T-shirt featured the new South African flag.

tsh39. ‘Victory to SWAPO’

T-shirt calling for support for the South West Africa People’s Organisation (SWAPO), featuring a woman guerrilla fighter with a baby on her back.

tsh40. Wales Anti-Apartheid Movement

Wales AAM was set up in 1981 to co-ordinate anti-apartheid campaigns by local anti-apartheid groups, trade unions and churches in Wales. All its campaign materials were bilingual, in Welsh and English.