Political prisoners

pic8209. Neil Aggett protest

Students from King’s College, London blocked the entrance to the government-owned South African Airways at Oxford Circus on 10 February 1982 in protest against the death in detention of South African trade unionist Neil Aggett.

pic8208. Picket for trade union detainees

British trade unionists picketed South Africa House on May 11 1982 calling for the release of three leaders of the South African Agricultural Workers Union detained without trial. Left to right: Roger Ward from the draughtsmen’s union TASS, Muriel Turner from the clerical union ASTMS and ASTMS General Secretary, Clive Jenkins.


SATIS-ACTION was a scheme that alerted subscribers to new political trials and death sentences in South Africa and Namibia. Supporters were asked to send letters and telegrams to the South African government and to ask the British government to intervene.

pic8221. Freedom for David Kitson

Members of City of London Anti-Apartheid Group call for the release of South African political prisoner David Kitson. The Group launched a non-stop picket of South Africa House in August 1982. Kitson served 20 years imprisonment in South Africa and was released in 1984. In the picture on the right are David Kitson’s wife Norma Kitson and son Steve.

pri41. Political Prisoners Day demonstration, Glasgow

Leaflet publicising a march through the centre of Glasgow to call for the release of all South African and Namibian political prisoners.

pri25. ‘Free Political Prisoners’ postcards

Set of six postcards designed by Ken Sprague calling for the release of South African and Namibian political prisoners.

po075. Free All South African & Namibian Political Prisoners

One of many posters published by the Anti-Apartheid Movement to publicise the campaign for the release of political prisoners in South Africa and Namibia.

pri26. ‘Release Albertina Sisulu’

Leaflet asking AAM supporters to protest outside the South African Embassy on the opening day of the trial of Albertina Sisulu in 1983.