Campaign Goods

bdg37. Save the Upington 14

The Upington 14 were sentenced to death on 26 May 1989 because they were present at a demonstration during which a black policeman was killed. They included a 60-year old woman, Evelyn de Bruin. After an international campaign for their release, the sentence was overturned in May 1991.

mda35. ‘Mandela Released!’ T-shirts

Leaflet advertising AAM T-shirts, posters and stickers with the slogan ‘Mandela Released! Free South Africa Now!’

msc15. ‘South Africa Freedom Now!’ mug

After the release of Nelson Mandela in February 1990, the AAM campaigned for a democratic South African constitution under the slogan ‘South Africa Freedom Now!’. This mug was produced for the campaign.

bdg18. Free the South African Railworkers

Four railway workers were sentenced to death after a strike by employees of the South African Transport Service in 1987. They were alleged to have taken part in the killing of four non-strikers. This badge was produced by the Joint Campaign against the Repression of Trade Unionists, set  up by the AAM and leading British trade unions to campaign for the release of South African trade unionists.

msc12. Nelson Mandela tribute sculpture

Card advertising a sculpture made to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s release from prison.