Local AA groups

lgs17. Aberdeen AA Group Annual Report, 1985–86

Like many of the larger local AA groups, Aberdeen AA group published an annual report of its activities for local members.

lgs18. Bristol AA Group Newsletter

Bristol City Council’s decision in 1986 to stop imports of South African coal through the Port of Bristol was opposed by some trade unionists who feared job losses in the docks. In this newsletter Bristol AA Group argued that trade union concerns should be taken into account. It suggested that the Port’s management should seek alternative imports and that steps should be taken to ensure South African goods were not diverted to other ports.

pic8634. Oldham AA Group march

AAM supporters in Oldham, Greater Manchester, call for sanctions against South Africa in 1986. At the head of the march is the Oldham AA Group banner.




lgs55. Oldham AA Group banner

Banner produced by the local AA Group in Oldham, Greater Manchester. Oldham AAM members campaigned for local support for a boycott of South African goods and for support for the ANC and SWAPO.

pic8626. Demonstration in Manchester, 8 November 1986

AAM supporters marched through the centre of Manchester to demand sanctions against South Africa on 8 November.

pic8627. ‘Making the Boycott Bite’ conference

Ras Kuomba Balogun of St Paul’s Apartheid Free Zone Campaign in Bristol and Marion Wallace of End Loans of Southern Africa (ELTSA) at the London AA Committee’s ‘Making the Boycott Bite’ conference, 30 November 1986.

boy43. Exeter Apartheid-Free Shopping Guide

Exeter AA Group published this detailed guide for shoppers, showing which shops in Exeter did not stock products from South Africa.

boy47. Forest Fields and Hyson Green Apartheid Free Zone Campaign

Local residents in the Forest Fields and Hyson Green district of Nottingham declared the area an apartheid-free zone in 1986. They asked local shops to not to stock South African goods and called on local people to boycott them. Like St Paul’s, Bristol, Hyson Green was a multi-racial area with a history of racial tension and community protest.