Trade unionists

pic8706. Rail against Apartheid

British railworkers union General Secretary Jimmy Knapp with Zola Zembe from SACTU. They joined a protest outside South Africa on 6 April 1987.

tu29. SARHWU strike appeal

In 1987 six transport workers were shot dead by police during a strike called by the South African Railway and Harbour Workers Union (SARHWU). This leaflet asked trade unionists and others to contribute to the SARHWU solidarity fund and called for the closure of South African Airways offices in Britain.

po090. Solidarity with South African and Nambian Miners!

There was widespread support among British trade unionists for striking miners in South Africa and Namibia in September 1987. AAM supporters and the British NUM held daily protests outside the London headquarters of Anglo-American, Consolidated Goldfields and other South African mining conglomerates. Over £75,000 was raised for the miners.

po109. ‘Stop Apartheid’s Bloodstained Coal!’

South African coal exports to Western Europe rose steeply in the mid-1980s. In 1986 West Germany opposed the inclusion of coal in a sanctions package imposed by the European Economic Community. The British National Union of Mineworkers was at the forefront of the campaign to stop UK imports of South African coal. In 1987 it held a joint conference with the AAM and produced a special Coal Campaign Bulletin.


lgs22. Birmingham AA Group labour movement conference

Leaflet publicising a conference for trade unionists and Labour Party members organised by Birmingham AA Group in 1987.

lgs62. Reading AA Campaign letter

Letter from Reading Anti-Apartheid Campaign to local trade union branches advertising a meeting calling for the release of South African political prisoners.

lgs63. Reading AA Campaign Newsletter

Newsletter of Reading Anti-Apartheid Campaign. Issue 7, dated September 1987, focused on the South African National Mineworkers strike and called for an international boycott of South African coal. It also highlighted a strike by Namibian copper miners.

lgs64. Reading AA Campaign leaflet

Reading Anti-Apartheid Campaign leaflet asking local people to take action in support of the campaigns for the reprieve of the Sharpeville Six, sentenced to death in South Africa, and the release of trade unionist Moses Mayekiso, one of five people charged with sedition. The leaflet also advertised the Shell boycott and the AAM’s national ‘Sanctions Now!’ demonstration on 24 October 1987.