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tsh50. ‘Isolate Apartheid Sanctions Now’

Sweatshirt produced by AA Enterprises to raise funds for the AAM.

tsh36. ‘Free All Detainees’

Early in 1989 more than 300 South African detainees went on hunger strike in protest against their detention without trial. The AAM publicised the hunger strike and called for their release. Thousands of people were imprisoned without charge under the nationwide State of Emergency declared in June 1986. They included many children and young people. Some of them were held for over two years.

msc36. ‘Victory to SWAPO’ mug

Mug publicising the campaign for support for the South West Africa People’s Organisation (SWAPO) and independence for Namibia. The same design was used on T-shirts and badges.


Badge produced by the Committee for Freedom in Mozambique, Angola and Guinea Bissau in support of the liberation movements in Portugal’s African colonies. Portugal was forced to withdraw from the colonies in 1975.