boy22. ‘Don’t Buy South African Goods!’

Leaflet asking shoppers not to buy South African goods. It answered commonly asked questions about the boycott.

boy27. Don’t Buy South African Goods

Bilingual leaflet calling for a boycott of South African goods distributed by anti-apartheid campaigners in Wales.

boy35. Don’t Choose South African

Leaflet asking shoppers in Southampton to boycott South African goods. Many anti-apartheid groups produced leaflets like this for distribution in local shopping centres, drawing on lists of products supplied by the national AAM.

boy36. Apartheid I Won’t Buy It

Stickers publicising the consumer boycott of South African goods.

boy37. ‘It’s Bloody Disgusting’

This leaflet asked shoppers in Walthamstow, north-eat London, not to buy goods from South Africa. Many AA groups produced local leaflets like this asking residents to support the boycott and to join the AAM.

boy42. ‘Please Don’t Buy that Bloody Orange’

This leaflet asking shoppers to boycott South African goods was distributed by Herefordshire AA group.