Free Mandela

mda31. ‘Free South Africa Now!’

Early in 1990 the AAM joined with the ANC and other organisations to set up a British Nelson Mandela Reception Committee, convened by AAM President Trevor Huddleston. As well as celebrating Mandela’s freedom, the Committee called for the release of all South African political prisoners and the creation of conditions for negotiations for a new democratic constitution. This leaflet publicised a demonstration at the South African Embassy to coincide with President de Klerk’s expected announcement of the date of Mandela’s release.

pic9001. Celebrating Nelson Mandela’s release

Thousands of people gathered spontaneously outside South Africa House in London on 11 February 1990 to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s release.

pic9002. Celebrating Nelson Mandela’s release

All over Britain people celebrated Nelson Mandela’s release on 11 February 1990. These two young women were taking part in a vigil on the steps of Sheffield Town Hall.

mda33. Mandela Freedom Party

Celebrations of Nelson Mandela’s release were held all over Britain. A torchlit open air party took place in Glasgow’s Mandela Place and hundreds arrived at town halls, and streets and gardens named after Mandela in Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle, Ipswich, Liverpool, Bristol and Sheffield. This leaflet advertised a party in London’s Camden Centre organised by the Nelson Mandela Reception Committee.

pic9017. Celebrating Nelson Mandela’s release, Bristol

Hundreds of people gathered at College Green, Bristol on 11 February 1990 to celebrate Mandela’s release.

mda45. Nelson Mandela – British honours

This list of honours conferred on Nelson Mandela by British organisations was issued by the Nelson Mandela Reception Committee after Mandela’s release in February 1990. It includes honorary degrees, honorary life memberships, and roads and venues named after Mandela. Mandela was honoured by towns and organisations all over Britain, from Exeter in the south-west to Aberdeen in northern Scotland.

mda35. ‘Mandela Released!’ T-shirts

Leaflet advertising AAM T-shirts, posters and stickers with the slogan ‘Mandela Released! Free South Africa Now!’