Letter to Prime Minister Thatcher urging her to support the imposition of Commonwealth sanctions against South Africa at the meeting of Commonwealth Heads of Government held in Nassau in October 1985.

Letter from Prime Minister Thatcher to AAM President Archbishop Trevor Huddleston rejecting his appeal for the British government to impose sanctions against South Africa. She argued that change would come about through the operation of market forces.

AAM memorandum arguing that British and US policies were the main obstacles to effective international action against apartheid. The memorandum was presented to Foreign Secretary Geoffrey Howe by a delegation led by AAM President Bishop Trevor Huddleston on 18 June 1986.

Memorandum drawing attention to the steep rise in death sentences for political offences in South Africa. The memorandum made detailed proposals for intervention by the British government and asked it to initiate action by the UN Security Council, the European Economic Community and the Commonwealth.

Letter from AAM President Archbishop Trevor Huddleston sent to Prime Minister Thatcher on behalf of anti-apartheid supporters demonstrating in favour of sanctions against South Africa in October 1987.

Letter from Prime Minister Thatcher replying to Trevor Huddleston’s letter of 24 October. Thatcher reiterated her opposition to sanctions and argued that change was already taking place in South Africa. She said the British government would press for the release of Nelson Mandela ‘in the context of a cessation of violence on all sides’.

Letter from Richard Caborn MP asking Prime Minister Thatcher to withdraw her remark describing the ANC as a ‘typical terrorist organisation’.

Letter from Prime Minister Thatcher defending her description of the ANC as a ‘typical terorrist organisation’ and reiterating her opposition to sanctions.