bdg26. South Africa Freedom Now!

After the release of Nelson Mandela in February 1990, the AAM campaigned for a democratic South African constitution under the slogan ‘South Africa Freedom Now!’.

bdg38. No to Botha! Demonstrate June 2nd

Badge publicising the demonstration against the visit by South African Pesident P W Botha to Britain on 2 June 1984. Fifty thousand people marched through central London. Botha was taken by helicopter to Prime Minister Thatcher’s country residence Chequers to avoid the protests.

bdg39. South Africa Freedom Now! One Person One Vote

During the 1991–94 negotiations for a new South African constitution, the Nationalist Party put forward proposals that would give special rights to whites. The AAM campaigned for recognition by the British public that the only acceptable outcome would be a constitution providing for one person one vote in a unitary South Africa.

bdg42. The Freedom Run

 The AAM held an annual sponsored ‘Freedom Run’ in Brockell Park, south London to raise funds for its campaigns. This badge publicised the first run in 1989.