po115. Boycott Cape: Every Bite Buys a Bullet

This poster was produced for the Anti-Apartheid Movement’s ‘Boycott 89’ campaign. Its targets were Cape and Outspan, the brand names used for South African fruit in Britain. Using photomontage, the poster implied that if shoppers purchased South African fruit, they were helping the apartheid regime fund its war machine. The poster was used on 18 March and 24 June 1989, when local activists took part in nationally co-ordinated pickets of shops selling Cape and Outspan products.

po111. Boycott Apartheid 89

Poster advertising a benefit concert at the Tabernacle in Notting Hill, West London organised by Notting Hill Anti-Apartheid Group. The AAM received no government or large institutional grants and depended on membership subscriptions and events like this for funding.

po112. A Cabaret Night for the Women of South Africa and Namibia

In 1989 the AAM appointed a women’s campaign organiser and held a month of anti-apartheid action on women. All over the country women organised meetings, exhibitions and demonstrations outside supermarkets selling South African and Namibian products. This poster advertised a Women’s Cabaret Evening in Tottenham, north London to raise funds to buy a minibus for the ANC’s Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College in Tanzania.

po120. SWAPO Election Campaign Appeal

In December 1988 agreement was reached on a process leading to Namibian independence. Elections were scheduled for 7–11 November. AAM President Trevor Huddleston launched a British appeal for support for the South West Africa People’s Organisation’s (SWAPO) election campaign in the House of Commons in April 1989. 

po116. Children and apartheid

After the international conference on ‘Children, Repression and the Law in Apartheid South Africa’ in Harare in September 1987, professionals working with children set up a group under the auspices of  SATIS (Southern Africa the Imprisoned Society) to publicise the treatment of childen under apartheid. This poster advertised a national information tour organised by the group, 22 April–17 May 1989.

po117. Save the Upington 14

Poster for the campaign to save the lives of the Upington 14. The 13 men and one woman were sentenced to death on 26 May 1989 because they were present during a demonstration during which a black policeman was killed. They included 60-year old Evelyn de Bruin. After an international campaign for their release, the sentence was overturned in May 1991.

po155. Freedom Run, 1989

The AAM held its first Freedom Run in Brockwell Park, south London, on 11 June 1989. The Freedom Run became an annual event, raising funds for the AAM and for projects in Southern Africa. 

po118. Stop Apartheid! Stop de Klerk!

Poster advertising march and rally in central London, 20 June 1989, where Albertina Sisulu was the main speaker.