pic7510. ‘End Labour Government’s Collaboration’

AAM demonstrators marched through central London on 23 March 1975 to call on the Labour government to stop all military collaboration with South Africa. The government ended the Simonstown Agreement, but continued to supply spare parts and hold joint training exercises with the South African navy.

pic7511. Protest against detentions, 1975

Anti-apartheid supporters picketed South Africa House calling for the release of all those detained without trial in South Africa in August 1975. They were protesting at the resumption of the trial of members of the South African Students Organisation (SASO) and the Black People’s Convention (BPC), which opened in April 1975 and the detention of six more people, including Afrikaans poet Breyten Breytenbach. On the left is former political prisoner Ben Turok.




pic7504. ‘Free student leaders’

AAM demonstrators picketed South Africa House in August 1975 to protest against continuing detentions without trial in South Africa, including that of the Afrikaans poet Breyten Breytenbach. They also called for the release of the nine leaders of the South African Student Organisation (SASO) and Black People’s Convention (BPC) leaders on trial under the Terrorism Act.

arm16. The Labour movement and the Southern African struggle

This memorandum showed how the Labour government elected in 1974 was failing to honour its election pledge to end military links with South Africa. It asked trade unionists and Labour Party members to press the government to end military co-operation and to take action on Zimbabwe and Namibia.

zim16. ‘Rhodesia or Zimbabwe?’ conference

Leaflet advertising an AAM conference held in October 1975 to mark the tenth anniversary of UDI. The conference discussed the role of South Africa and Britain’s responsibility for Zimbabwe, and provided updates on the economic situation inside the country.

zim17. ‘Stop All Hangings in Zimbabwe’

Leaflet advertising a march and rally in central London held on 9 November 1975 to mark the tenth anniversary of UDI. Demonstrators called for an end to hangings by the Smith regime. Zimbabwean protesters held a vigil outside Rhodesia House to commemorate 32 freedom fighters known to have been hanged.

pic7508. Zimbabwe: UDI tenth anniversary

Part of the crowd at a rally in Trafalgar Square to mark the tenth anniversary of UDI, held on 9 November 1975. Demonstrators called for an end to the execution of freedom fighters by the Smith regime. Speakers included Methodist minister David Haslam, Roger Lyons of the white collar union ASTMS and Peter Hain, speaking for the National League of Young Liberals.

pic7509. ‘Stop the Hangings in Zimbabwe’

Exiled Zimbabweans held a vigil to protest against the execution of guerrilla fighters in Zimbabwe on 9 November 1975. They held placards commemorating the 32 freedom fighters known to have been hanged by the illegal Smith regime. The vigil took place outside Rhodesia House after the Trafalgar Square rally organised by the AAM to mark the tenth anniversary of the white minority unilateral declaration of independence (UDI).