90s29. Southern Africa: A New Agenda for International Solidarity

This paper by the AAM’s Hon. Secretary Abdul Minty argued that Southern Africa faced a huge challenge in overcoming the legacy of apartheid. It suggested ways in which the international anti-apartheid movement could be transformed into a new movement of post-apartheid solidarity to help consolidate peace, development and democracy. 

90s36. Reconstruction and Development Programme

The ANC published a programme for the economic and social development of South Africa just before the first democratic election in April 1994. The programme focused on reducing inequality and lifting people out of poverty. This summary was distributed by the AAM as part of its attempts to involve supporters in ongoing solidarity projects. 

po196. ‘Mandela for President’

Poster calling for the election of Nelson Mandela as South Africa’s President, produced for the ANC campaign in South Africa’s first one person one vote election in April 1994.

pic9402. Celebrating in Trafalgar Square

Baroness Barbara Castle and Labour MPs Joan Lestor and Glenda Jackson were among anti-apartheid campaigners who released balloons in Trafalgar Square on 27 April 1994, the day of South Africa’s first ever democratic election. On 10 May, when Nelson Mandela was inaugurated as President of South Africa, ANC and AAM members entered South Africa House for the first time, when they attended a reception to celebrate the inauguration.

90s35. Building the new South Africa

After South Africa’s first democratic election in April 1994 there was debate among AAM supporters about future solidarity action in Britain. This leaflet publicised a workshop to discuss future action on 21 May and the AAM’s extraordinary general meeting on 25 June.

90s30. Post-apartheid solidarity workshop

AAM members discussed how they could help Southern Africa overcome the legacy of apartheid at a workshop held in May 1994. Leading the discussion were economist Ben Fine, Lewisham Councillor Mee Ling Ng and educationist Gulam Mayet, who put forward practical suggestions for solidarity action. The ideas were carried forward at an extraordinary general meeting of the AAM, held on 25 June, which set up a new organisation, Action for Southern Africa (ACTSA).