lgs60. Leeds Women Against Apartheid

Leeds Women Against Apartheid was formed in 1986 to bring together women in support of their sisters in South Africa and Namibia. The group reached out to women’s organisations in West Yorkshire, raising funds for women in Southern Africa, boycotting apartheid goods and holding day schools publicising the situation of women under apartheid. It was linked to a women’s group in Soshunguve township, near Pretoria. This poster advertised a fundraising karaoke night in November 1991.

pic9206. ‘Women Salute Women of South Africa’

These women were part of the Europe-wide demonstration outside a meeting of European Community Foreign Ministers held at Brocket Hall, Hertfordshire on 12 September 1992. They asked the EC to press de Klerk to take measures to end the violence in South Africa, so that negotiations for a democratic constitution could go ahead.

wom07. Countdown to Democracy

As soon the date of South Africa’s first democratic election was agreed, the AAM launched a ‘Countdown to Democracy’ campaign. This leaflet highlighted the special problems faced by South African women in casting their votes freely and without fear of violence.

pri42. ‘Release Women Political Prisoners’

The AAM Women’s Committee campaigned to ensure that individual women political prisoners were not forgotten. This leaflet gave details of the sentences of six women prisoners and asked people to write to the South African ambassador in London, the British Foreign Secretary and the British Red Cross calling for their release.

wom06. Women in Apartheid South Africa

Set of postcards illustrating South African women’s resistance to apartheid, produced by Leeds Postcards for the International Defence and Aid Fund and distributed by the AAM.

tsh42. ‘Support South African Women’

T-shirt produced by the ANC Women’s Section. ANC women members in exile in Britain worked closely with the AAM Women’s Committee. Activities included highlighting the situation of women political prisoners and collecting goods for women in ANC camps and the Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College in Tanzania.