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News and Events

The Mitting Inquiry into Undercover Policing has revealed how the British police spied extensively on the AAM, Stop the Seventy Tour and other anti-apartheid groups. Documents reveal how undercover officers attended AGMs and infiltrated private meetings. You can read summaries of some of the evidence here

The Scottish Centre for Global History at the University of Dundee is running a four-part podcast series on the history of the Anti-Apartheid Movement. SCGH editor Paul Feeney talks about how the AAM grew from small beginnings in the 1960s into one of the biggest social movements of the 20th century with historians Matt Graham and Chris Fevre. The podcasts also discuss the legacy of anti-apartheid campaigning and its relevance to contemporary movements for social change. You can listen to the podcasts here

Penton Street logoA project to convert the former London office of the African National Congress in Islington into a Centre of Memory and Learning has been launched by The Liliesleaf Trust UK, with the AAM Archives Committee and other groups. It has support from the GLA’s Good Growth Fund. Building plans are on hold because of the Coronavirus crisis, but community engagement is ongoing. As part of Islington’s Black History Month and supporting learning from and about diverse histories, the Trust created two family activities that invite design ideas for a community learning garden – see our educational resources page