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‘Free Nelson Mandela’ – Rivonia trialists Rusty Bernstein and Ahmed Kathrada share their memories of Mandela. Mandela’s biographer Anthony Sampson recalls how for 20 years he was almost forgotten.

Tony Hollingsworth tells the behind the scenes story of the 1988 Mandela Tribute concert. Mike Terry and Alan Brooks reflect on the ‘Free Nelson Mandela’ campaign. Read the full transcript of the seminar recorded in 1999 here ‘The Churches and the Anti-Apartheid Movement‘ – Baldwin Sjollema and Pauline Webb talk about the World Council of Churches groundbreaking decision to support the Southern African liberation movements in 1968. Rob Skinner and Kevin Ward recall the ‘turbulent priests’ Trevor Huddleston, Ambrose Reeves and Michael Scott. Jim Wilkie and Brian Brown  explain the British churches ambivalent attitude towards sanctions against South Africa and how this changed in the 1980s. Read the full transcript here