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msc08. Greetings card

Cards like this raised the profile of the AAM and raised funds for the organisation. This bilingual greetings card was produced by Wales AAM.

msc09. White Wind Black Tide

Flyer advertising a tape cassette by folk singers Peggy Seeger and Ewan MacColl. They were long time supporters of the AAM, singing at fundraising concerts in the early 1960s and producing this tape in the 1980s.

msc14. ‘Support the Frontline States’ mug

Mug with the legend ‘Isolate Apartheid Support the Frontline States’.

msc16. ‘Viva Angola! Viva Zimbabwe! Drink Café Vitoria’

Mug promoting AA Enterprises Café Vitoria coffee, imported from Angola and Zimbabwe as part of a campaign to increase trade with the frontline states.