pic8912. AAM women’s conference, 1989

The AAM held its first women only conference on 3 June 1989, following a Month of Action in March, which publicised the impact of apartheid on South African women. All over Britain, women held meetings, exhibitions and benefit concerts.

80s57. Freedom Run, 1989

The AAM depended on membership subscriptions and fundraising events to pay for its campaigns. It received no government grants and no significant funding from grant-giving organisations. It depended on grassroots supporters to raise money by supporting initiatives like this annual sponsored Freedom Run, held in Brockwell Park, south London.

po155. Freedom Run, 1989

The AAM held its first Freedom Run in Brockwell Park, south London, on 11 June 1989. The Freedom Run became an annual event, raising funds for the AAM and for projects in Southern Africa. 

pic8915. Protest at 10 Downing Street, June 1989

Anti-apartheid supporters protested at Downing Street on the eve of President F W de Klerk’s visit to Britain in June 1989.

po118. Stop Apartheid! Stop de Klerk!

Poster advertising march and rally in central London, 20 June 1989, where Albertina Sisulu was the main speaker.

pic8916. ‘Stop Apartheid! Stop de Klerk!’

UDF President Albertina Sisulu was the main speaker at an AAM rally in London on 20 June 1989 protesting against F W de Klerk’s visit to London. She said de Klerk was trying ‘to improve apartheid and not to abolish it’. She was on her way the USA to meet President Bush. On her way back from the USA she led a UDF delegation which met British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

pic8931. UDF press conference, July 1989

Albertina Sisulu, President of the banned United Democratic Front, and Sister Bernard Ncube of the Federation of Transvaal Women held a press conference in the House of Commons  on 13 July 1989. They were on their way back to South Africa from the USA, where they met President George Bush. During their stay in London the UDF delegation met Margaret Thatcher, the first time a British Prime Minister had met black South African anti-apartheid leaders since Josiah Gumede and Sol Plaatje held a meeting with Lloyd George in 1919.

80s53. AAM 30th anniversary

The AAM celebrated the 30th anniversary of its founding as the Boycott Movement in 1959 with a fundraising concert at the Camden Centre in central London.