80s51. Apartheid’s New Face

This report analysed the actions taken by F W de Klerk during his first 100 days as President of South Africa. It argued that he had made no significant changes to the apartheid system.



pic8923. AAM annual general meeting, November 1989

COSATU General Secretary Jay Naidoo was the main speaker at the AAM’s annual general meeting in November 1989. He warned that since F W de Klerk was inaugurated as State President in September 1989, there had been an increase in violence and repression against South African trade unionists.

boy15. Operation Orange

Operation Orange was an AAM fundraising initiative designed to promote the consumer boycott campaign. This leaflet asked people to send a message to Prime Minister Thatcher asking her to impose sanctions against South Africa. At the same time it asked them to send a donation to the Anti-Apartheid Movement.

pic8924. World Travel Market, Olympia

The AAM’s ‘Boycott Apartheid 89’ campaign extended the consumer boycott to tourism. London students and the London Anti-Apartheid Committee called for South Africa to be excluded from the World Travel Market at Kensington’s Olympia exhibition centre, 28 November 1989. The AAM wrote to the ten top British travel agents asking them not to book holidays in South Africa.

80s55. AAM fundraising raffle

The AAM depended on membership subscriptions and fundraising events to pay for its campaigns. It received no government grants and no significant funding from grant-giving organisations. It depended on grassroots supporters to raise money with initiatives like this annual Grand Raffle. In the photograph is actor and Labour MP Glenda Jackson.

80s59. ‘Close the South African Consulate’, Glasgow

From August 1985 the Scottish AA Committee held a weekly Friday picket of the South African consulate in Glasgow. The consulate was on the fifth floor of the Glasgow Stock Exchange. In 1986 the street was renamed Nelson Mandela Place, and the consulate set up a post office box number to avoid using the new address. The consulate was shut down in the early 1990s.

pic8909. Vigil for women and children under apartheid

South Devon AA Group mounted an exhibition about the lives of women and children under apartheid in the high street in Totnes, Devon in 1989.

pic8920. ‘William Ntombela must not hang’

William Ntombela was one of several South African trade unionists sentenced to death in 1989. The British shopworkers union USDAW launched a petition for his release, signed by 5,000 members.  In the photograph USDAW General Secretary Garfield Davies (left) displays the petition. Partly as a result of the campaign the sentence was commuted to life imprisonment.