nam24. ‘Free All Namibian Political Prisoners’

The Scottish Namibia Committee was set up in the 1980s to campaign In support of the South West Africa People’s Organisation (SWAPO). This petition called attention to the brutality with which Namibian political prisoners were treated. It urged the British government to intervene with the apartheid government for their release.

pro15. Lawyers Against Apartheid Bulletin 1

The first issue of Lawyers Against Apartheid’s Bulletin outlined the main planks of South Africa’s repressive legislation and exposed the illegality of the interim government set up by the apartheid regime in Namibia. It also publicised its guide to the impact of the new British Public Order Act on anti-apartheid protests in Britain.

po165. ‘Free Namibia Now’

Poster advertising meetings with SWAPO President Sam Nujoma in Glasgow and Edinburgh during a tour of Scotland in October 1987.

nam42. Namibia day school

Leaflet advertising a day school on Namibia organised by Bradford AA Group in 1987. The following year the group held a march during the International Week of Action on Namibia, 27 October–3 November. Yorkshire and Humberside Regional AA Committee raised £5,000 for the SWAPO Election Appeal Fund in 1989.

nam25. ‘Hands off Namibian Uranium!’

Between 1977 and 1985 half of Britain’s uranium imports came from the Rossing mine in Namibia. RTZ operated the mine in defiance of UN resolutions declaring South African rule illegal. This leaflet called attention to the British government’s implicit admission that Namibian uranium was used in its nuclear weapons programme. It was distributed in the 1987 Week of Action on Namibia organised by the AAM and the Namibia Support Committee. 

she04. Shell out of Namibia

Shell co-operated with the South African authorities in Namibia, in defiance of the UN termination of South Africa’s mandate. It also supplied fuel for the South African Defence Force in its war against guerrilla fighters from the South West Africa People’s Organisation (SWAPO) in northern Namibia. This leaflet was distributed during the international Week of Action on Namibia organised by the AAM and Namibia Support Committee, 27 October–3 November 1987.

gov41. ‘Britain, South Africa and Namibia’

Memorandum to Foreign Secretary Sir Geoffrey Howe, urging the British government to support the UN Secretary-General in implementing Security Council resolution 601 authorising him to arrange a ceasefire in Namibia. The memorandum criticised Prime Minister Thatcher’s effective endorsement of the US argument that Cuban troops must withdraw from Angola before agreement could be reached on Namibian independence.

pic8729. Consolidated Goldfields annual general meeting

Outside the annual general meeting of Consolidated Goldfields in London on 4 November 1987. A ‘judge’ holds the scales of justice symbolising South Africa’s ‘rule of law’ in Namibia. In August 1987 ConsGold sacked 4,000 Namibian mineworkers at its Tsumeb mine.