pri34. ‘Defend the Namibian 8!’

The special police unit Koevoet was known for its extreme brutality perpetrated on captured Namibian freedom fighters. This leaflet publicised the case of eight supporters of the South West Africa People’s Organisation (SWAPO) charged under the Terrorism Act and tortured to force them to confess to the charges.

nam28. ‘Free Jason Angula’

Jason Angula, Labour Secretary of the South West Africa People’s Organisation (SWAPO), was detained without trial in October 1987. British civil service unions campaigned for his release, together with the Joint Campaign Against the Repression of Trade Unionists. Angula was released at the end of 1988.

tu34. ‘Free the trade unionists’

In 1988 the apartheid regime stepped up its repression of the South African trade union movement. This leaflet highlighted four cases where trade unionists were detained or put on trial. It also publicised the situation of trade unionists in Namibia.

lgs36. SWAPO Benefit Concert

Leaflet advertising a Latin American music night to raise funds for the South West Africa People’s Organisation (SWAPO) in 1988. The concert was organised by Camden AA Group and Kings Cross Labour Party in central London.

po200. ‘Free Namibia! Free South Africa! Sanctions Now!’

South Africa’s rule over Namibia was illegal under international law. The AAM focused on this in calling for the British government to support UN mandatory sanctions against the apartheid regime.  

po171. ‘Remember Kassinga’

On 4 May 1978 South African troops massacred over 600 Namibian refugees at Kassinga in southern Angola. Hundreds more were abducted and detained at a South African military base in northern Namibia. This poster commemorated the tenth anniversary of the massacre.

nam26. Namibia Week of Action

The 1988 Week of Action on Namibia, 27 October–3 November, took place as talks on the implementation of the UN Plan for Namibia were entering the final stage. Hundreds protested outside South Africa House on 1 November, after South Africa reneged on the original timetable for the plan. A highlight of the week was the Seminar on Children, Apartheid and Repression in Namibia held on 29 October. The SWAPO flag was flown over many town halls and local AA groups held meetings calling for pressure on South Africa to implement the UN Plan.

nam29. ‘End South African Terror in Namibia’

As talks on the implementation of the UN Plan for Namibia entered their final stage, campaigning on Namibia became top priority for the AAM. This bilingual leaflet publicised a march through the centre of Cardiff organised by Wales AAM.