Local AA groups

msc20. ‘Don’t Mourn Mobilise’

Mug marking the tenth anniversary of the Soweto students uprising in 1976.

pic8607. ‘Boycott the banks who subsidise the slaughter’

Anti-apartheid supporters in Penzance, Cornwall ask passers-by not to bank with Barclays in February 1986.

nam19. Barnet AA Group meeting

In the 1980s the AAM campaigned to give Namibia a higher profile and make more people aware of South Africa’s illegal occupation. Local AA groups disseminated information and asked their members to take up the issue. This leaflet publicised a meeting held by Barnet AA Group in north London. It called for the implementation of UN resolutions on Namibian independence, withdrawal of British companies and the release of Namibian political prisoners.

las12. Manchester rally

Sharpeville anniversary rally, Manchester

pic8608. Leafletting shoppers outside Sainsbury’s

Islington AA Group supporters asked shoppers to boycott South African products outside Sainsbury’s in Holloway Road, north London, on 14 June 1986.

boy28. Ask Sainsbury’s to Join the Boycott!

This leaflet was produced as part of a citywide London campaign to persuade Sainsbury’s to stop stocking South African goods. The London AA Committee set up a special boycott group which met Sainsbury’s directors to put the case for a boycott. Sainsbury’s claimed to have reduced their South African products to less than 1 per cent of total sales.

lgs21. Brent AA Group message to trade unionists

Many local AA groups formed links with trade union branches. In 1986 Brent AA group circulated this leaflet to local unions asking them to affiliate and asking trade unionists to join as individual members.

lgs56. Leeds Women Against Apartheid

Leeds Women Against Apartheid was formed in 1986 to bring together women in support of their sisters in South Africa and Namibia. The group reached out to women’s organisations in West Yorkshire, raising funds for women in Southern Africa, boycotting apartheid goods and holding day schools publicising the situation of women under apartheid. It was linked to a women’s group in Soshunguve township, near Pretoria.  This leaflet advertised a meeting held in Leeds Civic Hall in July 1986.