Local AA groups

pic8705. Month of People’s Sanctions

Anti-apartheid demonstrators marched through Birmingham on 21 March 1987 in support of the AAM’s March Month of People’s Sanctions. They were remembering the South Africans shot by the police at Sharpeville in 1960 and at Langa in the Eastern Cape in 1985.

lgs23. Exeter Week of Action, 1987

Leaflet distributed by Exeter AA Group advertising events held as part of the AAM’s March month of action for people’s sanctions in 1987.

lgs27. ‘Sanctions Now!’

Waltham Forest AA Group organised this meeting in north-east London to win local support for the AAM’s month of action for people’s sanctions in March 1987. 

boy26. Does Marks and Spencer Support Apartheid?

Marks and Spencer became the focus of the South Africa boycott campaign in Greater Manchester after it refused to discuss its purchasing policy. In 1987 local anti-apartheid campaigners collected 10,000 signatures to a petition asking it not to sell South African products. The petition was presented to the store by the Bishop of Manchester. M&S also had links with the South African company Wooltru, which stocked M&S merchandise.

pic8731. Birmingham AA Youth Committee

Supporters of Birmingham AA Youth Committee took their banner on Birmingham’s May Day demonstration on 1 May 1987. They were joined by British miners leader Arthur Scargill (centre). In June the group launched a campaign to make the Handsworth district of Birmingham an apartheid-free zone.

po089. Peterborough Against Apartheid Festival

The Peterborough Against Apartheid festival held in May 1987 featured British folk punk group ‘The Men they Couldn’t Hang’ and singer songwriter Rory McCloud, as well as stalls and speakers from the ANC and SWAPO. Over 1,000 people attended the festival, one of the most successful events ever held in the city. 

po205. Peggy Seeger & Ewan McColl concert

Poster for a folk concert to raise funds for the ANC and Nottingham Anti-Apartheid at Nottingham’s Trent Polytechnic Students Union in 1987.

pic8709. Sheffield AAM supporters picket a Shell garage

Sheffield AAM picketed a Shell garage as part of an international week of action to force Shell to pull out of South Africa, 11–17 May 1987. All over Britain local anti-apartheid groups picketed Shell garages asking motorists to boycott Shell. The AAM launched its ‘Boycott Shell’ campaign on 1 March. Shell was joint owner of one of South Africa’s biggest oil refineries. It was a lead company in South Africa’s coalmining and petrochemicals industries.