Local AA groups

bdg27. Guernsey is Involved

Badge produced by anti-apartheid supporters in Guernsey, Channel Islands.

msc10. ‘I Shall Return’

Card with design featuring Nelson and Winnie Mandela.

pic8814. Prayer vigil at Kingston Guildhall

AAM supporters held a prayer vigil on the steps of Kingston Guildhall to show their opposition to a proposal by Kingston Council to invest pension funds in South Africa. Kingston Trades Council presented a petition to the Council asking it to reconsider.

lgs49. Bristol Southern Africa Resource Centre

In 1989 Bristol AA Group set up a Southern Africa Resource Centre to provide educational resources on Southern Africa and encourage links between groups in the south-west of England and the frontline states. The project was funded by individual donations.

pic8905. March against uranium imports from Namibia

Protesters in Southampton demonstrated against the import of uranium from Namibia through the city’s docks in February 1989. The protest was organised by Southampton AA Group and local supporters of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and the Green Party.

boy31. Boycott Apartheid 89 conference – Yorkshire & Humberside

Regional anti-apartheid committees organised 18 area conferences all over Britain to mobilise support for the AAM’s Boycott 89 campaign. This meeting in Sheffield was for activists in Yorkshire and Humberside, north-east England.

lgs40. Bath AA Group Newsletter

This issue of Bath AA Group’s Newsletter proposed a programme for local activity in support of the AAM’s Boycott 89 Campaign. It publicised regular pickets of Sainsbury’s and a role-playing workshop for new members to help them deal with ‘unfriendly comments’.

lgs41. ‘Boycott Apartheid 89’ Tyneside

Local AA groups all over Britain organised activities as part of the AAM’s Boycott Apartheid 89 campaign. Tyneside AA Group asked the supermarket chain William Laws to reinstate a local worker sacked for refusing to handle South African fruit. This leaflet publicised its Boycott Conference and a fundraising concert for workers on strike at BTR in South Africa.