Local AA groups

pic8815. ‘Boycott Shell’

Hammersmith and Fulham AA Group members held a year-long weekly picket of this Shell garage on Fulham Road in west London. The photograph shows health workers from Charing Cross Hospital at the protest. On 1 March 1987 the AAM launched a boycott of Shell as part of an international campaign organised jointly with groups in the USA and the Netherlands. Shell was joint owner of one of South Africa’s biggest oil refineries and a lead company in its coalmining and petrochemicals industries.

lgs35. Steve Biko memorial meeting

Leaflet publicising a memorial meeting for Steve Biko and a collection for South African refugees.

lgs57. Leeds Women Against Apartheid

Leeds Women Against Apartheid was formed in 1986 to bring together women in support of their sisters in South Africa and Namibia. The group reached out to women’s organisations in West Yorkshire, raising funds for women in Southern Africa, boycotting apartheid goods and holding day schools publicising the situation of women under apartheid. It was linked to a women’s group in Soshunguve township, near Pretoria. This leaflet advertised an event with stalls, entertainment and discussion on International Women’s Day, 8 March 1988.

lgs36. SWAPO Benefit Concert

Leaflet advertising a Latin American music night to raise funds for the South West Africa People’s Organisation (SWAPO) in 1988. The concert was organised by Camden AA Group and Kings Cross Labour Party in central London.

pic8810. Save the Sharpeville Six

Young AAM supporters at a vigil for the Sharpeville Six in front of Nottingham Town Hall on 13 April 1998.

po180. Action against Apartheid conference, South London

Poster publicising an anti-apartheid conference organised by a coalition of groups in south London in April 1988. 

mda44. Mandela Freedom March on Tyneside

Twenty-five freedom marchers, one for each year of Mandela’s imprisonment, walked nearly 600 miles from Glasgow to London in June and July 1988. Along the way they held meetings and events calling for Mandela’s release. This leaflet advertised the march as it came through Tyneside in the north-east of England.

mda30. ‘Nelson Mandela Freedom at 70’, Sheffield

Sheffield AAM arranged a special programme of ‘Freedom at 70’ events to mark Nelson Mandela’s 70th birthday on 18 July 1988, as well as sending coaches of supporters to the national rally in London on 17 July. Events included a live video screening of the Wembley Mandela tribute concert, a five-a-side football competition and a party on 18 July.