Local AA groups

nam42. Namibia day school

Leaflet advertising a day school on Namibia organised by Bradford AA Group in 1987. The following year the group held a march during the International Week of Action on Namibia, 27 October–3 November. Yorkshire and Humberside Regional AA Committee raised £5,000 for the SWAPO Election Appeal Fund in 1989.

lgs29. Steel, South Africa & Sanctions

In 1987 a report published by Sheffield AA Group, ‘Steel, South Africa & Sanctions’, called for an end to British steel imports from South Africa. The report, based on research by Sheffield City Council’s Employment Department, showed that Sheffield steelmakers could import the minerals they needed from other sources. This brochure summarises the report’s conclusions.

lgs52. Nuneaton, Bedworth and Hinckley AA Group

This leaflet was distributed by anti-apartheid supporters in the west Midlands district around Nuneaton. The local AA group held regular pickets of Barclays Bank, Shell garages and Tesco supermarkets asking residents to boycott apartheid goods. It also campaigned for an end to South Africa’s occupation of Namibia.

lgs25. Greater Manchester AA Groups

Greater Manchester AA Group co-ordinated seven local groups in the Greater Manchester area in the late 1980s. This leaflet publicised anti-apartheid activities planned over Christmas 1987.

pic8801. ‘Apartheid on the Run’

Tyneside AA Group supporters told Zola Budd she should not run for England at Gateshead Stadium on 30 January 1988. The sprinter continued to live in South Africa but obtained a British passport to get round the sports boycott against apartheid.

lgs33. Cheltenham AA Group Newsletter

Most local AA groups distributed regular newsletters to their supporters. This newsletter was published by Cheltenham AA Group in January 1988.

pic8812. Opening of Sheffield Southern Africa Resource Centre

Glenys Kinnock opened Sheffield’s Southern Africa Resource Centre in February 1988. The Centre provided educational resources on Southern Africa for the city’s schools and community groups, as well as a headquarters for Sheffield Anti-Apartheid Group. Sheffield AA was one of the most active of the AAM’s local groups throughout the 1980s. With Glenys Kinnock are the Provost of Sheffield, Rev. Frank Curtis, and the Centre’s Co-ordinator, David Granville.